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QuickPlay Slotted Training Cones x 6

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9 Inch training Cones
Each one of our cones is 9 inches tall, and stacks easily to make the cone set very portable and easy to store.

Collapsible Design
Our collapsible design allows players to stand on the cones without damaging them, helping to reduce injuries and improve the lifespan of the cones.

Bright and Easy to Spot
These cones are designed in neon orange to help to make them very visible on the training pitch, perfect for sports player outside in bad weather.

Combines with Agility Poles
When used with another one of our products, the Quickplay Agility Poles, you can create hurdles to allow for even more training options.

Indoor and Outdoor Training Cones These cones are ideal for creating boundaries in training both indoor and outdoor. They are appropriate for football, hockey, track and field, and other sports training.