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QuickPlay 3m x 2m Football Goal Target Net

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Pro Standard Goal Target Net for 3x2 Futsal Goal Size
The Quickplay Target Nets use coloured tabs to help create effective shooting practice training sessions. You can vary your shooting drills to help keep players on their toes and speed up development. They're ideal for both club and home use.

Accuracy Rewarded
These target nets contain large nets to catch the ball when you hit the target, helping to reward accuracy in training sessions. On the other hand the central net is under tension to bounce the ball back if someone is off target, helping to keep practice moving fast. Coloured Targets You can use these targets at any section of the target net, allowing you to vary between training sessions to stop players getting used to the colour location. This means they always have to look up before shooting, instilling good habits for match day.

Fits Any Standard 3x2m Goal
The target net fits any 3x2m fixed goal frame, quickly attached with bungees. It's designed for futsal shooting practice.