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Buying Guide

There’s an enormous variety of football goals available on the market today, this makes choosing a football goal surprisingly confusing! Here we share some tips that’ll help you select the right option for your footballing needs.

Follow our handy size guide to find the right size goal for you and your team.

Team Size 11 v 11 9 v 9 7 v 7 5 v 5
Goal Size 24' x 8' 21' x 7' 12' x 6' 3m x 2m


Now you know the goal that’s right for you it’s time to look at the different types of goals that are out there.

Finding the right goal for the appropriate game format is crucial, not only for player development, but for the enjoyment of the game. Take a look at the different goal types below.

  • Great for training and recreation
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Maintenance FREE
  • Long term effective option
  • Hardwearing ad extremely durable
  • Anchorage not required
  • Requires proper installation and sockets
Folding Goal
  • Perfect for sports halls and fields that are multi - purpose and have limited storage space.
  • Easy to move and store
  • Additional anchorage required
  • Super easy set in 2 minutes or less
Wheel Based
  • Ideal for sports halls and fields that are multi- purpose
  • Can be moved as one piece
  • Additional anchorage required
  • Heavy duty, long-lasting
3G Portable Standard
  • Preferred choice of PRO clubs and
  • Academy facilities.
  • Rustproof aluminium
  • Welded joints for durability
  • Hi-rise option for portability on high rise grass and AstroTurf
  • Additional anchorage required


Safety & Maintenance of a Football Goal

Once you’ve found the right goal type for you now it’s time to understand about safety and maintenance. As you now know, goals come in all shapes, weight and sizes. Understanding about safety when it comes to your goal is highly important. Here are a few key points covering the safety and maintenance of your goal;

  • Free standing goals must be securely anchored
  • Metal or aluminium cups are banned and must not be used in any circumstances
  • Always follow the manufacture’s guideline for assembly and maintenance
  • Check equipment before each use
  • Ensure fixings are secure and the correct anchorage is used
  • Treat any repairs, such as scratches, chips and scuffs promptly
  • Call us at Sensible Soccer for advice or guidance if you are unsure.

Now you possess all the required information you need to decide which goals are right for you. Still unsure?… DON'T WORRY!

We’re here to help. We have dedicated professionals with considerable years of experience on hand to give advice or clarification when it comes to making this all important purchase. 

Please give us a call on – 01282 685 369 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help you choose the right goal.