Talent Development

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Talent development in football is undoubtedly a complex phenomenon and to make it to the top requires a multitude of facets to be optimised, gel and flourish in perfect harmony.

Talent Development

Academic theory and anecdotal coach stories propose or favour an insurmountable myriad of suggestions as to why certain people become footballers and why others do not. Frank Lampard spent hours doing extra as a youth player at West Ham, Ronaldo would go to extremes such as tying weights to his ankles, George Best was born with a ball stuck to his foot, Gary Neville would ask question after question of himself his coaches and his peers, Lionel Messi had a survivors instinct, overcame childhood maturational challenges and never gave up.

The answer to what makes a footballer is …….. well it depends. There probably isn’t any one given answer, context relativity and perfectly timed actions and interventions are the key. After all does a mechanic fix every single car the same way using the same tools at the same time, fitting the same parts and take the same amount of time, does every heart bypass look like the last. No, its knowing what tools to use when, what advice to give where, and how to go about it. The beautiful game! Created never to be solved.

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