SSS Podcast #1 English Representation in The European Champions League

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English Representation in The European Champions League Your Host: Simon Evans Guest: Mike Phelan

Podcast number one provides an in-depth chat with Mike Phelan. Mike has vast experience of European football and is arguably the most qualified English coach to provide comment at this level. Manchester United made three Champions League finals in all during Phelans’ time as assistant manager and head coach, reaching the final tie in 2008, 2009 and 2011. Along with Barcelona, United were one of the two domineering forces in European Football over that 4-year period winning the trophy once in 2008.

This golden period for Manchester United coincided with many of the world’s biggest stars operating in their prime at Old Trafford with squads boasting players such as Ronaldo, Van Der Sar, Ferdinand, Tevez, Veron, Evra, Hernandez, Rooney Giggs, Anderson and so much more. In this Podcast Mike discusses the 5 English clubs (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United) playing in the last 16, the working methods of Guardiola, Conte, Klopp, Pochettino and Mourinho and what to expect from their teams in these exciting times for English Football in European Competition.

Listen to the Podcast here: Sensible Soccer Podcast Series #1


Want stats and info? Watch the Vodcast here


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