Germany's football still cruising the autobahn while England muscle a way through the B Roads.

Posted by damian 08/01/2018 0 Comment(s)

The German national football federation still seems far more advanced than the now under age successful and ever progressing English blueprint.

The Germans have made far greater investment than the English in youth development (1 Billion Euros), have sanctions on first team’s licenses if they do not comply to youth regulations, and German players have far more top flight and European appearances than their English counterparts along with already experiencing winning at senior national level.

As if this wasn’t enough German coaches do four times the hours of the English in their licence examination course, German youth players spend many more hours at school in formal education and the total number of coaches right down to grassroots is way in excess of that in the UK. No great surprise they win things at all levels and no wonder the Bundesliga’s in stadium attendances are higher than the world’s greatest show The FA Premier League.

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