FIFPRO first global study on Women’s football

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This recently published report on Women's Football by FIFPRO discusses how the game is finally a viable career for a female athlete and accepts the games own failings in the past.

The report on Women's Football declares that “Our aim was to learn as much as possible about a wide range of issues across the highest women’s leagues through the eyes of elite female players worldwide. They confided in FIFPro, and their stories tell of their collective struggle for their rights. Together, they reveal the issues they have to deal with on their own: doubts about their status, discrimination, and the daily struggle to make a living out of the game. For too long, the term semi-professional has served as an excuse to treat women players in a substandard manner. It has been a reason to give them worse rights than other workers.

Flicking through these pages, you will nd the results of interviews with some of the players. We will continue having these discussions through in-depth focus groups. The data in this report can serve as a platform for FIFPro to pursue change together with football stakeholders. The bottom line is that we must pave the way for decent and secure jobs for women as professional footballers. This career path for women is only now becoming a viable option. The fact that this opportunity has arrived so late is unacceptable. It shows how football has fallen far behind other sectors of society when it comes to gender equality."

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