Disney Pixar Cars 3: A Lesson For Sport Science & Psychology

Posted by damian 04/04/2017 0 Comment(s)

Taking a break from work, I took my 4-year-old son to see Disney Pixars Cars 3 this week.

Guess what? it was all about technology, sport science and sport psychology. The film was clearly very well researched with regard to such topics but also had a very clear grip on the reality of elite level sport. Organic coaching should never be wholly ignored, experience should never be discounted, and new age thinking should be a measured and evidence based dose as opposed to a sledgehammer take over.

Cruz Ramirez, Lightening McQueen’s coach enters the movie as a revolutionary and multi-disciplinary racecar trainer administering full on doses of science, data, technology and psychology to a vastly experienced and serial winning racecar. Crashes, destruction, wrecked equipment, arrogance, ignorance and a lack of working relationship or self and athlete understanding are prominent in the prescribed training program. Eventually when all modern theory and marginal gain prophecy is exhausted, experience, basics and history are called upon. Through historic consultation, rustic and organic basic training McQueen eventually regains the feel-good factor. The relationship with guru trainer Ramirez is shattered as she in tandem puts herself through McQueen’s old-fashioned rigour.

However with Ramirez at breaking point and on the way home alone from McQueen’s organic training schedule a humanistic conscience takes over and the two become friends. An understanding of the existential self and the other is realised by both parties and mutual respect prevails. The foundation is now laid for success. McQueen enters the big race, the clinically prepared and emotionally arrogant rookie Jackson Storm sniggers at McQueens age and pre historic preparation and the formality can now ensue. Wait! enter Cruz Ramirez, the new breed who through an accidentally immersive experience has added history, experience and respect for the past to her undoubted first class education.

A powerfully potent formula is born. Deliberate practice of the organic kind, a thought process and self-acceptance of the here and now, and an old racer (McQueen) coaching with the right dose of modern methods and enthusiasm of a newborn springer spaniel. Ramirez replaces McQueen on the start line and the rest is history Game over – race won – lessons learnt. Cars 3 is a fantastic lesson and education for any aspiring coach, athlete, sports scientist or psychologist. All the family will enjoy, your kids will love you and your life will be enhanced for the better. 10/10


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