Sensible Soccer Visit Blantyre Soccer Academy

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Sensible Soccer Visit Blantyre Soccer Academy


Sensible Soccer visited Blantyre Soccer Academy this summer and delivered coach and player education to over 200 players, coaches, administrators and parents.

Mike Phelan and Dave Horrocks worked throughout the day with boys and girls of all ages on all aspects of the game

Ball handling, movement, physical literacy, concentration, technical competence and tactical awareness were all included in a fun packed day. The day saw players working on refining, practicing and improving their mastery and their general understanding of football in an extremely fun yet progressively educational manner.

The video above includes snippets of many of the exercises and practices delivered during the day and shows the progression from technical to tactical to psychological improvement and culminates in a high competence passing game with the academy 2002 cohort.

In the evening the club hosted an educational Q and A attended again by players, coaches, parents and other associated helpers and supporters.

The discussion included youth football in general, the educational pathway, grassroots football and the benefits for a healthy lifestyle, future personal prospects, the professional game and the modern academy systems in England, Scotland and abroad in the likes of Germany and Spain. The audience were also treated to first hand insights into a life at Manchester United. Topics covered included, winning over repeated years, developing youth and nurturing talent, working with the likes of Ronaldo, Scholes, Beckham, Lingard and the coaching philosophies and personal characteristics of the great man Sir Alex Ferguson and ultimately how one of the world’s most successful football operations functions on a daily basis.

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Post Masterclass comments

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for taking the time to travel up today to not only deliver great sessions, but also the in depth Q&A with very little breaks during it all!

I really appreciate it & I actually can’t sleep as I’m on so much of a high! And my U11s girl’s parents can’t stop messaging me to say how much the girls enjoyed it too! So a massive thank you, honestly.

I’ve been involved in coaching since 2008 and have always had the passion & drive to improve girls and encourage as many females as possible to take part in the game, but today brought a new fire to my belly and I can’t believe I had the pleasure of spending time with you both. Definitely my favourite footballing moment to date!

I just wanted to say you guys have made a real difference to my coaching already! And I cannot wait for my next session now to try new techniques etc. Totally inspirational today!

Laura Daly

@DWalton1997 tweeted                  

Mike Phelan and doing some great work with the youth players of @BlantyreSA this afternoon, you could see the players there really bouncing off his enthusiasm. A great day for all involved.

@Blantyresa02 tweeted                  

A great day of learning with @Mike_Phelan_1 and @HorrocksDavid. Boys and girls had a blast. Thanks again guys.


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