Mike Phelan Elite Performance leadership Consultancy

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Mike Phelan Elite Performance & Leadership Consultancy

Mike Phelan is considered to be one of the greatest coaches of all time and boasts the evidence and honours to boot. At Manchester United Football Club Sir Alex Ferguson presided over a period of success which yielded 47 major honours in England, Europe and on the World stage. 

During this time business revenue rose from £25 Million to just under £350 Million. It has in fact been estimated that the Fergie factor has been linked to a £500 Million growth in the Manchester economy and the new found global outreach is the equivalent of a £1billion advertising spend. 

Mike Phelan is the only person in history to have  played, coached and held the position of assistant manager in this phenomenal business operation. 

And now he’s back...

Don’t let your business stand still, contentment is the onset of decline.

The benefit to your organisation 

Improved employer and employee performance, results, clarity, efficiency, accountability and ultimately repeated superior performance.

For More Information, Contact: damian@sensiblesoccer.co.uk 

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Mike and his team will create a bespoke experience tailored to your exact needs.



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