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QuickPlay 24 x 8 Football Goal Target Net (Full Size Goal)

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Pro Goal Target Net for 24x8 Goal Size (Full Size Goals)
We've developed the Quickplay target nets to include coloured targets, which helps you to get players to target specific areas of the goal during training. You can mix up your shooting drills, moving targets around to keep players on their toes. Ideal for full size goal adult match training.

Improve Accuracy - Get Rewarded
These large target nets have catch nets for when the ball hits the target, rewarding players who get it right. The central red area is also a tensioned football rebounder, which keeps play going if you don't hit the right spot.

Customisable Coloured Targets
You have the freedom to move the coloured targets around the net however you like. This gives you the ability to make training easier / harder, by stopping players from remembering colour locations and forcing their head up during shooting practice.

Fits Any Standard 24'x8' / 7.32x2.44m Full Size Goal
The target net fits any fixed goal frame 24x8 foot, quickly attached with bungees. It's designed for full size adult shooting practice.