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The Sensible Soccer Quickfire Box Goal Range

The Sensible Soccer Quickfire Box Goal Range

The sensible soccer box goal really is a unique product. Firstly its exciting, that’s what we all play football for is it not? The box goal is designed to replicate the stadium goals you see in the major tournaments, World Cups, European Championships, Copa Americas, Champions League etc. The ball will stay in that goal and accentuate that moment when the commentator screams ggggoooooooaaaaaallllllll. Whether you hammer the ball into the roof of the net, wrap your foot around it and fire the ball inside that post against the inside side netting, the SS box goal will bulge and the ball will drop down in the back of the net. Goal, no question (VAR not included 😊)

What is also unique is the fact that this goal can be used on grass, astroturf, 3G, 4G, gym floors, tarmac, the beach, or dare we say it, even on the street. The goal is self-weighted, doesn’t need anchoring, has a unique flip back into place design and is waterproof and usable all year round. As an additional added bonus the goal folds down and collapses into a carry bag in minutes so you can play champions league football anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Now what this means for all you coaches out there is wait for it…., yes you can get loads of these in your car, yes you read that right, loads of them. So if you are playing possession based phases of play with 4/6 target goals at college or senior level, yes this works for you, or if you’ve got 20 under 6s and you want to set up 10 x 1v1s, you guessed it, yes this is for you.  The most versatile goal and certainly the best looking goal on the market. Hurry while stocks last

The Sensible Soccer® Quickfire Box Goal is perfect in gardens, on football pitches and in sports halls. Available in 3 sizes. The 5 x 3ft is ideal for 3v3, 2v2, 1v1 or target shooting. The 8 x 4ft is recommended for 5v5 (U6) The 12 x 6 is the FA recommended size for mini soccer 7v7.  The 12 x 6 can also be used for 9v9 and 11v11 from U7 to U11.

  • Train both indoors and outside. The rubber pads prevent sliding and floor damage.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with the flexi-post system – simply slot the poles through the canvas sleeves and attach the net
  • Strong and durable. The poles are reinforced with fibreglass for unique lightweight strength and shock absorption
  • Easily portable
  • Carry bag included.
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